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What is 4/20: Marijuana Holiday

If you walk out of home on April 20th, you might come across massive gatherings of people smoking cannabis. Cannabis users organize major rallies in places where marijuana is legal. But what is 4/20, and why did they choose this day to be the cannabis holiday?

Keep reading to learn more about this special date for marijuana fans!

What Does 4/20 Mean?

4/20 or 420 is a holiday that celebrates cannabis. It’s not an official holiday, but it has become a tradition for marijuana users. You’ll see celebrations throughout the United States. The idea is that everyone should be smoking cannabis at 4:20 PM on April 20th.

In most locations, friends gather to celebrate this holiday. It’s a great chance to relax and spend time with the ones you love. The most famous public place where you can go to celebrate 4/20 is the Civic Center Park in Denver, Colorado.

If you are in San Francisco, head to Golden Gate Park and find Hippie Hill. And if you are in Canada, Ottawa and Montreal have places where marijuana fans gather to celebrate the holiday.

How Did 4/20 Become Marijuana Holiday?

It seems it all started in California in 1971. Five students from San Rafael High School in Marin County were huge fans of marijuana. They would always gather and smoke it at 4:20 PM. And they were always in the same place – the wall next to the Louis Pasteur statue in their school. It was a convenient time because they finished school but still didn’t have to return home.

The news spread through the community, and the group received the nickname “Waldos. It’s because they were meeting at the wall. And if they were going to talk about marijuana, they always used code 420. Others accepted this trend and started using the code.

You could find people handing out flyers with invitations to “smoke” 420 on 4/20 at 4:20 PM. It took two decades, but High Times magazine printed this invitation in 1991. The code spread and people around the world are now using it for marijuana.

what is 420

4/20 Origin Myths

Apart from the actual origin story, it’s fun to check out myths about the 4/20 origin. Here are some theories nobody can prove!

It Has to Do with Law Codes

A popular marijuana holiday origin story is that 4/20 comes from a code police forces use for cannabis. But if you check, you notice that major US police departments don’t have this code. NYPD and LAPD don’t use it at all, and you might only hear it in San Francisco. However, the SF police use the code “420” to identify the juvenile disturbance.

Some cannabis users will tell you that the law uses 420 to process marijuana use and distribution. While some states have 420 codes, it doesn’t have anything to do with cannabis. In California, 420 serves to process obstructing entries on public land.

Bob Dylan Started It All

Bob Dylan wrote a song called “Rainy Day Women #12 and 35.” Cannabis fans claim it’s about this herb for two reasons. First, the lyrics mention that “everybody must get stoned,” and the entire song speaks about “stoning.” Also, if you multiply 35 and 12, the result is 420. Marijuana fans don’t believe that’s a coincidence.

The truth is different, as Bob Dylan himself revealed the song has nothing to do with cannabis. He says there is a relation to “The Book of Acts,” which indicates biblical meaning. In the Book of Acts, they stoned Stephen because he saw God’s glory after looking up to heaven. Stephen held a speech where he told the authorities they would punish him regardless of what he said. Some believe this was Bob Dylan’s way of responding to critics who were harsh about him.

As for the numbers 12 and 35, these are the years of two females who walked into Dylan’s studio on a rainy day. The artist guessed their years correctly and named a song after the event.

what is 4 20

Active Components in Marijuana

You could hear that 420 is a reference to active compounds in marijuana. But according to scientific research, there are at least 500 different components in cannabis. You can find more than 100 terpenes and cannabinoids each. This story might be the hardest to believe, even more than the one about Bob Dylan’s song.

4/20 As a Commercial Event

Marijuana used to be illegal in most states. At that time, 420 presented a counterculture celebration. Things have changed since then, and many states have legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. Cannabis has become a true business, and even big corporations are entering the industry.

It’s why 4/20 has now become a commercial event rather than a true celebration. Many marijuana dispensaries support the holiday and offer discounts and special promotions around it. You can even find Cannabis Cups where growers can show their cannabis products to visitors. It’s safe to say the 4/20 holiday has gone a long way since it originated in 1971.

clean green certified

Clean Green Certified Cannabis: What You Need To Know

A lot of us look for organic certifications when we visit the supermarket. Should we be looking for the same organic cannabis certification when we visit a marijuana shop?
Organic labels on weed may not be fully understood. Though it is similar to the organic labeling we get when we buy food and drink, it isn’t exactly the same. So how does a grower go about getting an ‘organic’ label or a “Clean Green” certification on their weed?
In this guide, we’re exploring the cannabis industry standard “clean green” certification, and what it means when it comes to buying the very best marijuana. We’ve also explained what the regulatory process looks like so you know what sort of things are being checked.

What is Clean Green Certification?

What is Clean Green cannabis certification? When you see Clean Green certified products, should it even come into your consideration?
So, for a consumer, if you see this logo you will know that not only are you sticking to marijuana law regulations, you will also know that the growers and processors of the weed have been assessed.
The program was introduced by a former attorney and it is supposed to be a way for reputable and organic farms to show that their practices are sustainable and positive.

How to Get Clean Green Certification?

Clean Green certification status comes with its own set of rigorous tests, and growers and processors must show their high standards in three separate areas:

Legal Compliance

Growers work with the attorneys to discuss and prove their compliance with the highest standards and legal restrictions about cannabis. This means that cannabis facilities can prevent any contamination or disease breakouts and that the marijuana is grown in line with state law.


To receive this certification, the cannabis growers also have to show details about the growth of their crops and what they use to cultivate weed. Even things like the soil quality, use of insecticides, and the supply of water are looked at.
The certifier involved explores the grower and their habits. Only approved inputs for the soil can be used.

Agricultural Inspection

cannabis certification

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/yovhXPl8V1M

The cannabis plants are inspected to check their level of quality. This process ensures that the organic cannabis doesn’t have mold, mildew, or issues with pests and excess contaminants on them. Weed is checked at laboratories.
The inspection is not just about the weed growth, it extends further to the processing. The inspection checks that any processing facilities are up to scratch, and as they are turned from plants into the flower you might find in the cannabis shops you visit, the best possible practices are used. This means harvesting, storing, and processing in a way that stops any sort of unnecessary contamination, and keeps the weed in the best possible condition.
All of these independent checks mean that marijuana products are independently checked and that there is a single, standardized system, rather than each grower promising that their weed is up to standard with no real proof.

Where Can You Shop for Certified Organic Products?

organic cannabis

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/b2haCjfk_cM

Clean green certification works like any other certification. You can look out for the sign or sticker on the label when you go to your local dispensary or cannabis store looking for the ideal varietal to try next.
If you are shopping in the right places, you’re likely to find that there are many different options, with a lot of dispensaries choosing only to stock products carrying the certification, as it can provide them with some peace of mind over the quality of the weed.
If you want to check out more of the partners, you can find the Clean Green Certified member directory, as it shows which growers and processing partners have the highest standards and best practices for weed.
Organic cannabis is not a fad. It’s a fantastic way to establish trustworthy sellers from the rest.


“Clean Green” plays a really important role in the industry. It’s about far more than just branding. There’s a lot of work and testing that can go into the certification, so you know that anyone who is able to boast this on their products will have gone through a lot of hard work and consideration to get there.

Without this certification, there may not really be any way to know what sort of quality the weed you are buying had to offer. Fortunately, organic weed is here to stay and indicates a quality product with less chance of contamination. The next time you’re shopping for weed, pay close attention to whether this label is carried on the marijuana.

cbd dosage

Complete Guide to CBD Dosage: How Much CBD Should You Take?

How can I consume CBD? A lot of people may even be wondering how to buy marijuana at a dispensary having never visited one before.
In this guide, we’ve explored how much CBD to take per day and in one sitting, as well as other nuanced information such as whether to use a CBD vape (check out our CBD oil vaping guide for more information).

What to Look for in CBD Products

When you are looking to buy CBD products you will be met with different options for types of products (more on this later).
You should also look for a reliable supplier. When you visit a cannabis shop you may notice that some products have Clean Green certification, which shows that the grower has been independently checked and certified.

Make sure you only buy CBD products that:

  • Don’t make crazy, over-the-top promises. CBD has some amazing benefits but products that over-promise may be too good to be true
  • Can be traced to their origin
  • Have a certificate of analysis from a third-party testing lab
  • Are made from whole-plant extract rather than CBD isolates

What Type of CBD Product Should You Consider?

cbd dose

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/g95SDyV77LA

The vast majority of people who are opting for CBD products and wondering how much CBD to take will be mainly considering consuming oil, rather than anything else.
This isn’t the only way to get CBD into your system. In fact, there are a number of different methods including CBD gummies, and even cannabis plants that have been grown with very little THC in them.
We recommend sticking to the methods that are easiest to measure when it comes to CBD dosage. Oil and gummies will both be able to tell you how much you are consuming, and you’ll know how much CBD, in mg, is in each drop.
As we’ve already discussed, CBD oils made from whole-plant extracts are usually best and contain the most effective compounds. These are called full-spectrum oils. The alternative, which may be cheaper and lower in quality, are made from CBD isolates.

Certificate of Analysis from Third-Party Testing Lab

Something you should always be sure is available is a certificate of analysis from a third-party testing lab. Before you decide on your CBD dosage, make sure you have the right product in the first place.
Third-party tests can show how many different substances are within each CBD oil dose. The information should either be on the bottle or available on the company website, sometimes through a QR code that you can scan and read.
Most companies that are reputable will provide plenty of information on the levels of CBD and THC and there is also a heavy metal analysis so you can see what else you may be consuming.
Reputable companies will provide this information happily. If you can’t access it then you might end up wondering why it’s not available.

Read the Product Label

Reading the product label is where you can find information like the third-party tests.
It’s also a chance to understand the CBD dosage. Different CBD products, oils, and edibles may have different strengths and concentrations of CBD.
How many drops of CBD oil should I take? Well, it depends on the strength of the oil, and this is why it is crucial to properly read the product label.
Product labels can also show you things like any certifications the product may have obtained, which can help you to trust that the weed is coming from an excellent source.

Know the CBD-to-THC Ratio

how much cbd to take

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/QrK0mgbk2r0

In most parts of the world, CBD oil can only be advertised as such if it has less than 0.3% THC content. THC is what makes people have the “high” feeling, and it is the psychoactive component that you find in marijuana.

If you are just looking to embrace all of the benefits of CBD, including anti-inflammatory properties, then you should check that the THC ratio is low and that there is very little psychoactive substance within your weed. The best CBD ratio for things like marijuana flowers might vary, as you may want to experience a “high” feeling, but in general, those starting to take CBD oil want to stay away from THC.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The actual question to ask is “how many milligrams of CBD should I take?”
High-potency CBD oil means you are likely to need fewer drops to get the same desired effects. This is why it is so important to properly read the packaging and instructions from the manufacturer when working out the CBD dosage to take.
Because CBD oil is a relatively new substance in terms of large-scale production, CBD dosage is still being explored. It is a good idea to start with a lower dose, such as 20mg and then assuming you have no negative impacts you can work your way up.
Some studies have suggested that doses as high as 600 and even 1000mg daily can be tolerated, but you shouldn’t start there. Gradually work up to the level that you require and that has the desired effects to impact your anxiety, for instance.


As you can see from our guide to how much CBD to take, there isn’t really one single answer to the question. Instead, it is a case of sourcing a reliable CBD product and working out how much of it will have the desired impact. Usually, you should gradually increase your dose to the desired level.
CBD is generally a very safe product to consume, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do some research first. Be sure to read the packaging and check that the CBD is both quality and easy to consume and track, so that you know how much you are taking each time.

marijuana smoking accessories

Best Marijuana Smoking Accessories

Let’s face it, some of the new smoking devices are just plain cool. Devices for smoking have been cool for a long time, even when tobacco was far more popular. However, with the stigma around tobacco, it’s time for many of us to embrace marijuana devices instead.

Top Marijuana Smoking Devices

Smoking devices for cannabis can be purchased from many different places, and you can get them online as well as from some dispensaries. If you’ve ever explored how dispensaries work in California you’ll know there is a whole culture around weed that means it is not only easy to get weed in a recreational dispensary, but you can also find some cool smoking accessories

A Classic Pipe

Some of the best smoking devices are the old classics. Many of our grandfathers may have owned a pipe for tobacco, but they can be used for weed, too. This is one of the oldest devices for smoking and while it isn’t the easiest on the chest it is definitely one of the coolest ways to blaze up, even in the 21st century.
You can still buy new pipes, even in the modern age when not many people smoke them, or you can find some very cool pipes in auctions or passed down through families. A proper retro look.

A Simple Bong

simple bong

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/HLwXaRAbY50

Hits from the bong. Still one of the best smoking devices for cannabis.
There are lots of bong designs, big and small. Some include filters, some don’t, but you can be sure that they are one of the most versatile devices for smoking.
Because bongs are such a popular marijuana smoking device, there are choices to suit every budget and there is inevitably a design to suit you.

Rolling Papers

rolling paper

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/ueH2sxg8gfk

If you know how to buy marijuana at a dispensary, you probably know that papers are one of the oldest and most essential accessories. You don’t have to roll using papers, but a lot of people choose to, and you may even have some as a backup to your other marijuana-smoking devices.
Rolling papers tend to be longer than those for tobacco use, and they can come in some really cool designs with printing on them if you look hard enough!
Anyone who can use a rolling paper properly is also bound to score some really high cool points.

Portable Vaporizer

Vaping marijuana is becoming very popular. A lot of people find that it is easier on the chest and throat, and the fact that you can keep a portable marijuana vape in your pocket definitely makes it an appealing device for weed lovers.
Vaporizers don’t generate much of an aroma, if any, so if you are using them in a place where you don’t want to create the smell of weed around you they can be ideal.
Vaporizers can work with dried weed or even other products like wax and oil made from marijuana.

A Sturdy Grinder

These are cool smoking accessories that are also functional. Grinders are required for virtually every method of consuming weed from flowers, and having a sturdy grinder is nothing short of essential.
Grinders have quite a lot of flexibility in terms of how they can look, so there are plenty of designs out there that are very cool accessories to go along with the best smoking devices. They can even be personalized.
There’s no point in going for cheap and ineffective grinders. You might as well opt for something that is going to last, and do a good job of both grinding the weed and reducing any possible waste.

Glass Bubbler

A glass bubbler is a newer smoking device, great for those who like bongs or those who like pipes. Bubbler pipes are a little bit like a mini version of a bong, as they still use water to filter and to provide the smooth hits you might be used to form a bigger bong.

A glass bubbler consists of a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem, and a water chamber for the filtration of your weed.
Of all the devices for smoking weed, a bubbler is one that will definitely get people talking.


You can get the best weed in the world, to suit the exact mood you are in, but if you don’t have the right accessories for smoking it then you may as well not bother. There are many ways to get to the same end result, but the accessories in this guide will help you to ensure an enjoyable, smooth smoke and accessories that are built to last.

what is cbd massage

The Benefits of CBD Massage Therapy & How It Works?

The cannabis industry has grown hugely in recent years and when you hear the term “cannabis massage” you could be forgiven for thinking it was a bit of a fad. Actually, CBD massage therapy has been shown to make a huge impact, and many people are switching from their regular massage therapy to one that enhances the benefits of CBD.
What is a CBD massage, anyway? We explore more in this guide.
CBD beauty products trends show that the substance isn’t just for massages, there are actually a number of other ways people are embracing this powerful substance. CBD massage therapy is certainly a good place to start.

What is CBD Infused Massage?

So what is a CBD massage and what are the CBD massage benefits? CBD-infused massage makes use of CBD products including oils and creams. There have been some studies to show that there are a number of benefits to CBD applied topically. Massage oils are nothing new, but there are plenty of new products that are made for cannabis massage.
Visit a marijuana dispensary and you may even find some of these topical oils and creams that you can use in your own beauty routine or for a massage at home.

What Role Does CBD Play in Massage

There are both anti-inflammatory and pain relief agents within the CBD that help with the whole point of the massage. As well as relaxing the muscles and joints and helping the person getting the massage to relax, there are also studies showing that CBD massage can help to speed up any recovery from injuries.

How CBD Works

What is a CBD massage actually doing? In your body are CBD receptors. These help to regulate the nervous system including things like inflammation and your immune system. The receptors are found in most of the body’s organs.
CBD binds to these cells and interacts and stimulates them. The TRPV1 that is found in CBD has an impact on your receptors, which is how it can reduce the pain you’re in and the inflammation.
CBD has a lot of mental benefits including reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, but it is mainly the physical benefits we are looking at here.

CBD Massage Benefits

CBD massage benefits

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/0MoF-Fe0w0A

CBD massage benefits are numerous. The impact of applying topical CBD oils and other lotions and materials has been strongly linked with some impressive benefits.
We’ve already briefly discussed the painkilling properties. CBD will quickly become absorbed into your body, and this means that it can interact with your endocannabinoid system and start to reduce the levels of pain and inflammation you might be feeling.
As CBD is absorbed into your system it can also start to help with your mental state of mind. CBD can reduce anxiety and encourage feelings of relaxation in the human system, and while the topical application doesn’t get it into the bloodstream as quickly, this is a benefit of CBD massage. Remember that CBD won’t make you feel high at all.
CBD massage therapy has also been shown to aid with the recovery from injury, not least because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of many ways that CBD massage has grown to be very popular, as athletes and those who are suffering from aches and pains seek a way to get back to full fitness quickly.

CBD Massage Aftercare

cbd massage therapy

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/VxAwTeiqDao

You can enjoy the same level of aftercare as you would after any other massage, but there are also plenty of reasons to include CBD in your rituals afterward. For the ultimate in relaxation, you can check out this CBD bath bomb recipe, perfect for the hours and days after your massage, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits.
Unless you are specifically getting a sports massage it is often a good idea to take things easy after a massage. The idea is to let your body start to recover, after all. You don’t have to be totally sedentary, but not overdoing things is a very good way to start to get your body to recover from all of those little aches and pains.


What is CBD massage therapy? There are loads of physical and mental benefits to enjoy and no downsides. You don’t get a ‘high’ feeling or any comedown from CBD, as there is no THC within. Instead, it just helps with its anti-inflammatory properties and the fact that it binds to your endocannabinoid system for often impressive results.
If you’ve never tried CBD-infused massage it is definitely something to give a go and see if it can help.

how to smoke wax

How to Smoke Wax Using Different Smoking Methods

Whether just entering the world of marijuana and all about it, or a long-time experienced enthusiast of the cannabis plant and its derivatives, talking about smoking wax will never be outdated. Even if you know all the ins and outs, we will still cover some basics just in case, so read on to find out more about what exactly this wax is and how to smoke marijuana wax. And of course, additional useful tips and info to make the best out of some suggested ways to consume marijuana.

What is Marijuana Wax?

Alright, to start this off, simply put, the marijuana wax is the compressed concentrate of the gooey, sticky, darkish oil of the marijuana plant, also known as hash oil, whereas the wax is known as a dab. You may know by now, the thing that resembles tree sap, or just very dark and thick honey, and when pressed well, you get the wax. The marijuana wax is as we have described it – a thick concentrate of cannabis, a resin oil of said plant that can be consumed in various ways – whether ingested, vaporized, as a solvent, or smoked (yes, if you instantly want to know how to smoke wax, we’ll cover this below), and it has an amber, golden color.

How to Make Marijuana Wax?

best way to smoke waxIf you have some access to marijuana plants or intend to, why not utilize them to make wax itself? Before we start clarifying how to smoke wax, first let’s jog the memory or learn how to make it, and then we can move on to answer how to use cannabis wax in detail.
And, this method that follows is basically simple and easily done, so also get a thin blade (razor type), a heating object (a flat iron is best), kitchen mittens (oven mittens), baking paper too and that is all. The procedure is as follows: First, let the iron get heated to a high temperature of at least 150 C or above. While this heats up, try to chunk up the marijuana into a few little pieces or rolls, but press them with your hand and make them as flat as possible. Take the baking paper sheet, folded precisely in the middle, and put these marijuana buds where the paper folds. Mittens on, buds on the paper, now it’s time to ‘iron’ it all out for a few seconds, good pressure over it too. If you are new to this, it is best to press one chunk-piece after another and see how it goes, and finish up with all of them.
You might also notice there will be some residue like a ‘leftover’ bud, but do not throw this away – here is where the ‘blade’ thing helps you scoop this away (such leftovers can soak in coconut or olive oil to get…marijuana oil!)

How to Smoke Marijuana Wax?

Time to talk more on smoking wax now. Yes, there are different ways to smoke wax and you’ll get informed on them shortly. Beginning with the essentials, we cannot make the complete guide without the needed equipment, so of course, you certainly ask yourself what do you need to smoke wax and what to purchase/obtain? Or what do you smoke wax with? You are in the right section because this is the main part where the action starts to happen, the smoking itself. It can seem confusing at first when you think of the methods and how to smoke wax initially but know that common ways are the dab rig, nectar collector, vaporizer, and joint or a bowl.

How to Smoke Cannabis Wax with Dab Rig?

ways to smoke waxThis is probably the most common and best way to smoke wax. It is a process of vaporizing the concentrate on top of a hot surface, heating it, and inhaling the smoke, and this always comes up among the top choices out of all the ways to smoke wax. However, this method is not ideal for novices into smoking wax, so give it time.
For this, you need a dab rig, a dab nail of quartz, titanium, or ceramic (which holds the wax), a carb cap (ideal for the airflow, but not obligatory), a dabber (applicator for the wax into the nail), a torch (small kitchen one), and the wax.
Next, heat the nail part with the torch and then put the torch aside. The nail will cool slightly (in less than a minute), and now you just place the dab on top of the nail (your dabber part is helpful for this). Inhale during this step. For better airflow, try to use a cap for the dab as you are almost done smoking and exhaling.

How to Smoke Cannabis Wax with a Nectar Collector?

If you still wonder how you use THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) wax, read on because there are other ways to smoke wax, for example with a nectar collector. This is also fairly simple, as follows:

  • Place the wax in a dish of silicone or glass.
  • Heat the nectar collector tip with a torch (small one)
  • Not obligatory, but have some idea of the temperature at the moment, you don’t want this to be too hot.
  • If it’s too hot, let it cool down for a few seconds or so.
  • The wax and hot tip should touch well to produce vapor.
  • Gently inhale from the cold tip end of the collector.

As you see, section by section so far, we clarify how to smoke wax in more than one way, as it follows below too, while we are covering the methods.

How to Take Marijuana Wax with Vaporizer?

The vaporizer is also known as the dab pen, a small, practical device running on a battery.

  • Turn on the vaporizer, on the on/off button a few times and it will blink. Now you know the vaporizer is functional, to begin with.
  • Remove the part for the mouth, and gently push the wax small chunk on the coil you see. Lightly, not too pressured! Assemble it back again.
  • Click the power button on, twice, and the vaporizer starts to heat and melt the wax to create vapor.
  • Inhale where the mouth part is inserted.
  • How to Take a Marijuana Wax with a Joint or Bowl?

If you want to know how to use cannabis wax to make a joint, this section explains smoking wax from another angle. The wax joint is a regular cigarette-shape joint as you know it, except it has the wax into it, over it, or around it, and is most suitable for those handling a strong high!

You need:

  1. The wax, rolling paper, buds of cannabis, lighter, any dabbing object tool.
  2. Flatten out the paper. Over it, heat the wax so it melts slightly over the paper, and gently spread it all over it.
  3. Sprinkle the dry, ground marijuana over this sticky-layered paper part. Roll up a joint by licking the paper ends to make it stick firmly.
  4. Light up and smoke.

Is this the best way to smoke wax? Depends on your preferences, but if you dislike the joint form, similarly, you can also take the wax with a bowl (bong). Even though bowls are used mainly for dry leaves or similar, you can try with wax too.
For this, you need a lighter, larger bowl (not the classic smaller ones), the wax, and some marijuana florets. Toss these florets to the bowl, and place the wax on top of this floret ‘pile’. It should be equally spread over them. Light up the buds with the lighter until you see wax melts. Careful, it must not caramelize or fully boil. Inhale and enjoy!

Choosing the Right Tool to Take a Wax?

By now you are probably still buzzing with information about all the different ways to smoke wax, but none of them are too complex and all things take time to become simple. To know or choose the best tool, but you can smoke the wax with a dab rig, nectar collector, vaporizer, as a joint, or with a bowl.
When in doubt, just visit a marijuana dispensary and see on-site the rich choice of all-things marijuana, and accessories too. Just respect the marijuana dispensary etiquette and get what you need by politely asking about the types and uses of equipment for sale, marijuana types to go with them, the right amounts to buy cannabis, and so on.


In conclusion, we covered the essential basics of marijuana wax, how it looks, what is specific about it, how to make it, and how it can be used to its potential. Even more importantly, we hope you learned about the consummation too, or how to smoke wax – choose between dab rigs, nectar collectors, vaporizers, rolled joints, or a bowl.
Just safely and relaxed follow the instructions of preparing and using the wax, and enjoy!

how to buy from a dispensary

How to Buy Marijuana at a Dispensary [Complete Guide]

If you’re going to a dispensary for the first time, you undoubtedly have many questions about what to expect. After all, the legalization of recreational cannabis is still a relatively new phenomenon in the USA, so you’re certainly not alone if you’re wondering how to buy from a dispensary.
With that in mind, we have curated a marijuana buyer’s guide to help answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease when going to a dispensary for the first time. In this guide, we will be answering popular questions such as how much can you buy from a dispensary at a time, can I go to a dispensary without a card, and the best things to get at a dispensary. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

What’s the Check-in Process Like at the Dispensary?

To begin with, it’s important that you understand the federal government and states have been at odds for years over marijuana legalization, which makes credit card firms cautious of violating federal law by enabling transactions. As a result, virtually every dispensary has an ATM on-site, as these establishments prefer to do business in cash. Keep this in mind, and if possible, carry cash with you.
As for the check-in process, you will almost certainly be asked for your ID. Keep your state-issued identification cards/documents with you at all times, whether you have just turned 21 or 70. If you have a medical marijuana prescription, double-check that it’s still valid (most are good for six months to a year), and be ready to hand them your ID along with it. Making a habit of it is a good idea. In some dispensaries, you will be able to check in via a tablet or computer, upon which you will have to verify your documents and your age.

How Do Dispensaries Work in California?

los angeles dispensaries The good news is that recreational marijuana usage is currently legal in California, and businesses may now sell it. To acquire recreational cannabis products from a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary, you must be 21 years old or older. As a result, whether you’re going to a dispensary for the first time or many times each day, you must provide a legitimate ID (a driver’s license or a passport would suffice).One of the most common questions people ask is how do you get a cannabis card in California? Well, the good news is that you don’t need one! Just bring your government ID and be over 21 years of age, and you are good to go.

Who is Going to Cannabis Dispensaries?

These days, more people are asking how to buy from a dispensary than ever before, so you can be sure that you will come across a diverse range of people while inside the store. After all, the stigma of smoking cannabis is quickly fading, and there is no shame whatsoever in asking how to buy from a dispensary.

What are the Busiest Times at Dispensaries?

In many ways, cannabis sales tend to mirror alcohol sales, which is unsurprising when you think about it. According to FreshToast, cannabis sales are highest on a Friday from 5 pm onwards, with Sunday and Monday being the quietest days of the week. In places where it’s legal, you can be sure that the first question many people ask themselves is, “where can I buy marijuana for the weekend?” This is why we see significantly higher numbers on Friday and Saturday.

What are the Most Popular Marijuana Products?

cannabis edibles If you are checking out our marijuana buyers guide to get some ideas on what to buy at a dispensary, here’s some advice for you. Visit the website of the store you plan to visit and check out the dispensary items list so you can be prepared before you arrive. While it’s fine to browse, most people tend to get overwhelmed when going to a dispensary for the first time due to the wide variety of choices and vast array of different products.
If you’re still unfamiliar with how to buy from a dispensary and smoking weed in general, then the best place to start would be pre-rolled joints, edibles, vape pens, and of course, a bud of your favorite strain.

Why Pick Different Products Over Another?

What product you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference. People smoke cannabis for a wide variety of reasons, including anxiety relief, to help cure insomnia, to ease depression, and even just for parties and having fun with friends. If you still don’t know what to buy at a dispensary, then just head down there and speak to one of the budtenders who will be happy to assist you and guide you towards the best things to get at a dispensary for your needs.

How To Be Every Budtender’s Favorite Customer?

Most budtenders are aware that many people that come into the store will be unfamiliar with how to buy from a dispensary – and that’s okay. Just like anybody else who works in the service industry, a budtender will be happy to help you as long as you are respectful and have an idea of what sort of thing you want. Also, please remember to take your ID and be compliant with the regulations.

Dispensary Items List

Each dispensary will have its own unique list of products that you can buy while inside their store. Depending on which state you are in, you may be able to purchase unique products and items that are unavailable elsewhere. In addition to this, if you are wondering how much you can buy from a dispensary at a time, it’s worth checking in with the budtender to find out what is legally permitted. In California, a person can buy up to 8 grams of concentrates and manufactured goods (including edibles, oils, extracts, and other items) per day and up to 1 ounce (approximately 28.5 grams) of cannabis flower.


So there you have it; hopefully, by now we have answered all of your cannabis-related questions so you can feel comfortable when visiting a dispensary. If you take away one thing from this guide, just remember to take your ID and cash with you. That way, you won’t return empty-handed.

first time dispensary visit

Going to a Dispensary for The First Time: How to Make the Most

If you’ve never visited a dispensary before, it can be quite intimidating going to a dispensary for the first time. You may not know the dispensary rules and what sort of behavior is expected. You might feel like you’re doing something wrong even though what you are doing is totally legal.

For instance, if you visit a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary, you may be wondering “How do dispensaries work in California?” or “is there a certain way I am supposed to act here?”

How do dispensaries work in California? Even if you know the Cannabis Law Regulations in California, it is a good idea to follow the steps below to make sure that you fit in and don’t make a fool of yourself.

Come Prepared With ID

You will need to provide an ID to prove that you are allowed to buy marijuana. Though cannabis is legal in Los Angeles and the whole of California, you will still need to show that you are of legal age. This is one of the dispensary requirements that will be in place no matter where you go.

Respect the Store’s Security Measures

In recent years, stores have become more conscious about security measures involving health, and also just making sure that people don’t steal their cannabis products. Marijuana, and the derived and related products, tend to be pretty expensive, and there is a market to shift them even if they are stolen, so stores need certain security measures. For instance, a store may not want you to wear a helmet while you are visiting. Dispensary rules are totally fair, especially when you consider some of the events of recent years.

Understand How Much Cannabis You Can Legally Purchase

dispensary rulesThe cannabis laws in the state explain that you can “possess, transport, process, purchase, obtain, or give away, without any compensation whatsoever, no more than one ounce of dry cannabis or eight grams concentrated cannabis”

Remember this applies to people 21 and over. It’s good etiquette to know how much marijuana you’re allowed to have so you don’t have the awkward problem of asking for more than the dispenser is legally allowed to sell you.

Come Prepared With Cash

One of the issues with marijuana dispensaries and the fact that there are so many different rules and cannabis regulations depending on where you live in the US is the fact that federally regulated banks often refuse to deal with cannabis businesses. This means that even though dispensaries operate completely legally, they may be forced to deal in cash. Make sure you’ve got enough to cover anything you want to buy.

Be Ready to Talk About Cannabis

If you want to know the best things to get at a dispensary then it is vital that you’re prepared to have a chat. Dispensary employees tend to be really good at having these discussions and recommending cannabis products based on your own needs and what sort of marijuana effects you’re looking for. Even if it is your first time going to a dispensary, don’t be afraid to chat and ask for help.

A lot of dispensaries have really good communities, and people are passionate about the products that are sold, so being able to chat about it is a great thing to ensure you enjoy your marijuana experience to the maximum.

Don’t Take a Photo Without Asking

Dispensaries are competitive businesses, and they might not want you to take a picture of the things that are on display. They would often rather you didn’t take pictures. Often, rival dispensaries will want to see displays and marketing materials to see what is working, and even if you can sneak a photo, they might not appreciate you doing so.

Look But Don’t Touch

There are a lot of reasons why cannabis dispensaries don’t want you to touch the products, including hygiene. Would you want to buy marijuana that has been touched by someone else beforehand? There is a reason why dispensaries have such strong hygiene practices and are not willing to let you touch the product, you simply don’t need to.

Dispensaries understand that you might want to look at the products before you buy. They usually won’t take this as criticism, and if you ask, they will usually be happy to show you. Looking at marijuana could be as simple as wanting to see what the buds look like. Is the Purple Haze strain really as purple as the pictures you’ve seen?


If you’ve been wanting to visit a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary, but you’ve been putting it off because you simply don’t know the dispensary etiquette, following the steps above will help you to make those early steps. It’s likely that the employees will be more than happy to help out, and are happy to chat about marijuana, and your experiences.

As long as you have the relevant ID and you are willing to stick to dispensary rules and regulations then you don’t have too much to worry about. Cannabis is totally legal in California and adults can enjoy dispensaries as long as they stick to the state’s laws, such as only smoking in designated public areas and in the privacy of your home. Marijuana is not unregulated, but it is flexible and totally allowed under the law of the state.

how do dispensaries work in California

Are There Recreational Dispensaries in California and How Do They Work?

The use, sale, and cultivation of marijuana for recreational purposes was legalized in California in November 2016. Since then, adults have been able to possess and grow marijuana for recreational use with some restrictions. Here is what you need to know about smoking cannabis in California.

Is Marijuana Legal in California?

  • If you are 21 or over, you can buy, possess and share up to an ounce of cannabis, and up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.
  • It is only legal to use marijuana in private and out of the public view. This means you cannot consume cannabis on the street, in your car, or in a public building like a bar.
  • You can also grow cannabis if you have the permission of the property owner. You are allowed to grow up to 6 plants. It is illegal to grow cannabis in an area that is viewable to the public.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana in California?

You can buy marijuana from a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary, although you need to have a medical marijuana card to shop at a medical marijuana dispensary. Anyone can shop at a recreational marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles if they are over 21. You will need to show an ID proving your age in order to buy cannabis.
You can search for dispensaries on sites like Leafly or Weedmaps. Stores will usually state whether they sell to medical cardholders only or not, but you can also call ahead to save a wasted trip.

Are There Recreational Dispensaries in California?

There are both recreational and medical dispensaries in California. Most dispensaries that sell cannabis for recreational use also sell higher THC content strains and products that are only available for purchase by medical marijuana cardholders. There are also medical marijuana dispensaries, which only sell to people who have medical marijuana cards.

How to Get Marijuana in California?

where can I buy marijuana in CaliforniaIn California, you will need to check-in with a valid form of ID to enter the dispensary. Most dispensaries serve both recreational and medical customers, although some only serve medical customers.
Due to the complications of federal law surrounding the sale of cannabis, especially for recreational use, medical dispensaries in California do not accept credit card transactions, and most also do not accept debit cards or electronic payments. As a result, most dispensaries have an automated teller machine on the premises for you to withdraw cash to purchase. Since marijuana dispensaries handle a lot of cash, they also have more security than other stores, and you cannot enter the dispensary without checking in.
Once you have checked in, you will wait for your name to be called by a member of staff. There can be long waits for an attendant, especially at weekends, so plan ahead or aim to visit at off-peak hours.
The store attendant will talk to you about what kind of experience you are looking for, and help you pick out the right product. This is an important part of the process as the experience you get from different varieties of cannabis and cannabis products varies a lot. Take as much time as you need to find what you want. If you are visiting the US from another country, be aware that some strains of cannabis sold at dispensaries can have significantly higher THC content than is common in regions outside the US.
It is also legal in California to get marijuana delivered to you from a licensed dispensary by a delivery driver. You can only get cannabis delivered to a valid street address and must show ID. Many dispensaries offer a delivery service, and there are also weed delivery apps like Eaze that work similarly to delivery apps like DoorDash, but for cannabis.
Dispensaries must have a license to sell marijuana, although many do not. Shopping or working at an unlicensed dispensary is still considered illegal and you can be arrested for doing so, although it is often only the staff or owners who are charged.

Do I Need A Medical Marijuana Card To Buy Cannabis In California?

You don’t need a medical marijuana card to use cannabis recreationally. However, if you have a qualifying condition, a medical marijuana card enables you to buy and grow more cannabis at a time, and buy cannabis products with higher THC content than are available to recreational customers.

Places where cannabis is legal

What Places in California Legalized Cannabis?

The following cities/countries have legalized the growing, manufacture, and sale of cannabis and cannabis products under California cannabis laws:

what places in California have legalized cannabis

Some Counties Have Partially Legalized Marijuana

Trinity – You can grow marijuana here and it is produced commercially but is not available for commercial sale
Lassen – Cannabis is available for sale, but you cannot grow it or produce it commercially
Colusa – You can grow marijuana here and it is produced commercially but is not available for commercial sale
Nevada – It is legal to grow cannabis plants
Yolo – You can grow marijuana here and it is produced commercially but is not available for commercial sale
Marin – Cannabis is available for sale, but you cannot grow it or produce it commercially
Calaveras – Cannabis can be grown and sold commercially
San Mateo – It is legal to grow cannabis plants
San Benito – It is legal to manufacture cannabis products
San Diego – It is legal to grow cannabis plants

Marijuana is Still Banned in Some Counties

  • Siskiyou
  • Modoc
  • Shasta
  • Plumas
  • Butte
  • Glenn
  • Sutter
  • Yuba
  • Placer
  • Sacramento
  • Napa
  • Solano
  • Amador
  • Alpine
  • Tuolumne
  • Santa Clara
  • Merced
  • Mariposa
  • Madera
  • Fresno
  • Kings
  • Tulare
  • Kern
  • San Bernardino
  • Orange


Buying and using cannabis legally if you follow a few rules, and do not require any registration for recreational use. If you have any more questions about how dispensaries work in California or need help with the buying process, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

types of marijuana

Sativa vs Indica | What is the Difference

What is the difference between Sativa and Indica? As time has gone by, scientists have learned more about cannabis, different kinds of marijuana, and what provides the effects on the body and mind. It’s important to know the differences between the two, to ensure that you know which products to use at which times. Some will make you sleepy and relaxed, others will have more of an energizing effect. In this guide, we explore the Indica vs Sativa differences.

Sativa in Depth

What is Sativa? This term was originally coined to refer to hemp types of cannabis, and the sort of plants growing in Europe and across Asia, where the seeds and leaves were used. The term has shifted a little in the description. It now really refers to all of the types of marijuana that have narrow- leaves and usually energetic effects. Sativa plants tend to be tall.

  • Origin: Europe and western Eurasia
  • Plant description: Tall with narrow leaves, usually providing more of an energetic high.
  • Typical CBD to THC ratio: Higher THC
  • Daytime or nighttime use: Daytime (either possible)

Sativa Effects

Sativa is known for being uplifting, and for providing more of a head high. Although there are many different strains of Sativa, they are often stimulating in nature. They are helpful for those experiencing anxiety, and you are able to stay more alert. When considering Indica vs Sativa, a lot of people will choose Sativa for daytime use.

Popular Sativa Strains

The marijuana plant types come in a variety of different strains. Some of the most popular Sativa strains include Durban Poison, Tangie, Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel. Many of the best marijuana store options will be able to advise you on which is most suitable for your needs.

Indica in Depth

What is Indica? To fully understand the differences between Sativa and Indica, we need to know a little about each. Indica varieties are those first discovered in India, where it was used for fiber but also as an intoxicant.
Nowadays, it means stout and broad plants that tend to give us more sedative effects. “Broadleaf” has become a term that goes hand-in-hand with indica.

  • Origin: India
  • Plant description: Broad leaves and shorter, more stout plants.
  • Typical CBD to THC ratio: Usually higher in CBD
  • Daytime or nighttime use: Nighttime (daytime possible)

Indica Effects

Naturally, indica strains are more of a sedating variety, with higher levels of CBD. They often make people feel sleepy, but this does depend on the terpenes and compounds found within the marijuana. Not every indica variety makes you sleepy, and as we’ve learned more about indica and some of the other types of cannabis, and marijuana plant types, scientists have started to understand much more about what makes us high. Indica strains may be used as painkillers or to help people get to sleep.

Popular Indica Strains

Popular indica strains include Bubble Kush, Northern Light, Sherbert Queen, and Sweet ZZ. To obtain cannabis strains you can visit your local marijuana dispensary.

What are Hybrid Strains?

Indica vs SativaWe have more choices than ever when it comes to cannabis product types. Some people prefer vaping marijuana Indica strains, some people prefer smoking Sativa strains. There’s plenty of room for personal preference.
We don’t necessarily have to choose between the two. Over the years, there have been many different hybrid strains cultivated. This means that there is virtually a strain of cannabis for every use. Hybrid strains combine the compounds and terpenes in both, so you can make the choice, there are even strains where you don’t get the infamous “munchies”.

Popular Hybrid Strains

Some of the hybrid strains are actually the most popular out of any type of marijuana. These include Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Chemdog, and OG Kush.

How to Choose the Right Strain for You

All the choices we have among marijuana varieties mean that it is tough to make the right decision and decide which weed is for you.
We’ve listed some of the most popular strains below, and what people find the most helpful for. Indica vs hybrid types of cannabis can both be helpful for similar issues.

different kinds of marijuana

  • Bubba Kush – Insomnia and pain relief
  • Purple Kush – Good for muscle pain and spasms as well as sleeping
  • Blue Dream – A hybrid strain good for inflammation and helping people get to sleep, plus pain relief.
  • Maui Waui – This is a good strain for fatigue and it can be energizing as well as treating depression.
  • Afghan Kush – Powerful pain relief.

Indica vs. Sativa FAQs

Which is Better, Indica or Sativa?

There is no definitive “better” option. It’s all about choosing the ideal types of cannabis for your own specific needs. That’s why there are so many hybrid strains, too. There are many different options all with their own unique characteristics.

Do All Indica Varieties Make You Sleepy?

This is something of a myth about some of the types of cannabis plants. Though the type of marijuana plays a big part and gives a strong indication of what type of effects you are going to experience, the terpenes and compounds within are what actually make up the benefits and advantages of different types of weed.


The three main categories of marijuana, Sativa, Indica, and hybrid, have a huge number of varieties within. This is where the value in doing your research lies. You can talk to a dispenser and get a good idea of which types of marijuana will suit your needs, whether you want to stay alert or you are looking for something that can help you get to sleep, and target your anxiety. Some of the most popular strains are hybrids, grown from the seeds of both Indica and Sativa.