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Clean Green Certified Cannabis: What You Need To Know

A lot of us look for organic certifications when we visit the supermarket. Should we be looking for the same organic cannabis certification when we visit a marijuana shop?
Organic labels on weed may not be fully understood. Though it is similar to the organic labeling we get when we buy food and drink, it isn’t exactly the same. So how does a grower go about getting an ‘organic’ label or a “Clean Green” certification on their weed?
In this guide, we’re exploring the cannabis industry standard “clean green” certification, and what it means when it comes to buying the very best marijuana. We’ve also explained what the regulatory process looks like so you know what sort of things are being checked.

What is Clean Green Certification?

What is Clean Green cannabis certification? When you see Clean Green certified products, should it even come into your consideration?
So, for a consumer, if you see this logo you will know that not only are you sticking to marijuana law regulations, you will also know that the growers and processors of the weed have been assessed.
The program was introduced by a former attorney and it is supposed to be a way for reputable and organic farms to show that their practices are sustainable and positive.

How to Get Clean Green Certification?

Clean Green certification status comes with its own set of rigorous tests, and growers and processors must show their high standards in three separate areas:

Legal Compliance

Growers work with the attorneys to discuss and prove their compliance with the highest standards and legal restrictions about cannabis. This means that cannabis facilities can prevent any contamination or disease breakouts and that the marijuana is grown in line with state law.


To receive this certification, the cannabis growers also have to show details about the growth of their crops and what they use to cultivate weed. Even things like the soil quality, use of insecticides, and the supply of water are looked at.
The certifier involved explores the grower and their habits. Only approved inputs for the soil can be used.

Agricultural Inspection

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The cannabis plants are inspected to check their level of quality. This process ensures that the organic cannabis doesn’t have mold, mildew, or issues with pests and excess contaminants on them. Weed is checked at laboratories.
The inspection is not just about the weed growth, it extends further to the processing. The inspection checks that any processing facilities are up to scratch, and as they are turned from plants into the flower you might find in the cannabis shops you visit, the best possible practices are used. This means harvesting, storing, and processing in a way that stops any sort of unnecessary contamination, and keeps the weed in the best possible condition.
All of these independent checks mean that marijuana products are independently checked and that there is a single, standardized system, rather than each grower promising that their weed is up to standard with no real proof.

Where Can You Shop for Certified Organic Products?

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Clean green certification works like any other certification. You can look out for the sign or sticker on the label when you go to your local dispensary or cannabis store looking for the ideal varietal to try next.
If you are shopping in the right places, you’re likely to find that there are many different options, with a lot of dispensaries choosing only to stock products carrying the certification, as it can provide them with some peace of mind over the quality of the weed.
If you want to check out more of the partners, you can find the Clean Green Certified member directory, as it shows which growers and processing partners have the highest standards and best practices for weed.
Organic cannabis is not a fad. It’s a fantastic way to establish trustworthy sellers from the rest.


“Clean Green” plays a really important role in the industry. It’s about far more than just branding. There’s a lot of work and testing that can go into the certification, so you know that anyone who is able to boast this on their products will have gone through a lot of hard work and consideration to get there.

Without this certification, there may not really be any way to know what sort of quality the weed you are buying had to offer. Fortunately, organic weed is here to stay and indicates a quality product with less chance of contamination. The next time you’re shopping for weed, pay close attention to whether this label is carried on the marijuana.

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