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The Benefits of CBD Massage Therapy & How It Works?

The cannabis industry has grown hugely in recent years and when you hear the term “cannabis massage” you could be forgiven for thinking it was a bit of a fad. Actually, CBD massage therapy has been shown to make a huge impact, and many people are switching from their regular massage therapy to one that enhances the benefits of CBD.
What is a CBD massage, anyway? We explore more in this guide.
CBD beauty products trends show that the substance isn’t just for massages, there are actually a number of other ways people are embracing this powerful substance. CBD massage therapy is certainly a good place to start.

What is CBD Infused Massage?

So what is a CBD massage and what are the CBD massage benefits? CBD-infused massage makes use of CBD products including oils and creams. There have been some studies to show that there are a number of benefits to CBD applied topically. Massage oils are nothing new, but there are plenty of new products that are made for cannabis massage.
Visit a marijuana dispensary and you may even find some of these topical oils and creams that you can use in your own beauty routine or for a massage at home.

What Role Does CBD Play in Massage

There are both anti-inflammatory and pain relief agents within the CBD that help with the whole point of the massage. As well as relaxing the muscles and joints and helping the person getting the massage to relax, there are also studies showing that CBD massage can help to speed up any recovery from injuries.

How CBD Works

What is a CBD massage actually doing? In your body are CBD receptors. These help to regulate the nervous system including things like inflammation and your immune system. The receptors are found in most of the body’s organs.
CBD binds to these cells and interacts and stimulates them. The TRPV1 that is found in CBD has an impact on your receptors, which is how it can reduce the pain you’re in and the inflammation.
CBD has a lot of mental benefits including reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, but it is mainly the physical benefits we are looking at here.

CBD Massage Benefits

CBD massage benefits

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CBD massage benefits are numerous. The impact of applying topical CBD oils and other lotions and materials has been strongly linked with some impressive benefits.
We’ve already briefly discussed the painkilling properties. CBD will quickly become absorbed into your body, and this means that it can interact with your endocannabinoid system and start to reduce the levels of pain and inflammation you might be feeling.
As CBD is absorbed into your system it can also start to help with your mental state of mind. CBD can reduce anxiety and encourage feelings of relaxation in the human system, and while the topical application doesn’t get it into the bloodstream as quickly, this is a benefit of CBD massage. Remember that CBD won’t make you feel high at all.
CBD massage therapy has also been shown to aid with the recovery from injury, not least because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of many ways that CBD massage has grown to be very popular, as athletes and those who are suffering from aches and pains seek a way to get back to full fitness quickly.

CBD Massage Aftercare

cbd massage therapy

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You can enjoy the same level of aftercare as you would after any other massage, but there are also plenty of reasons to include CBD in your rituals afterward. For the ultimate in relaxation, you can check out this CBD bath bomb recipe, perfect for the hours and days after your massage, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits.
Unless you are specifically getting a sports massage it is often a good idea to take things easy after a massage. The idea is to let your body start to recover, after all. You don’t have to be totally sedentary, but not overdoing things is a very good way to start to get your body to recover from all of those little aches and pains.


What is CBD massage therapy? There are loads of physical and mental benefits to enjoy and no downsides. You don’t get a ‘high’ feeling or any comedown from CBD, as there is no THC within. Instead, it just helps with its anti-inflammatory properties and the fact that it binds to your endocannabinoid system for often impressive results.
If you’ve never tried CBD-infused massage it is definitely something to give a go and see if it can help.

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