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Marijuana Detox: Myths, Facts, and Tips

What is Marijuana Detoxing?

Simple enough, a marijuana detox or a THC detox is abstaining from the substance. The idea is to cleanse and flush out any THC from the body. This can be done if you have a drug test coming up or you may just wish to do it from time to time if you have built up a tolerance, for instance.
If you’re a heavy user you may get some withdrawal symptoms when working out how to detox from cannabis. Sometimes, irritability and depression, as well as a lower appetite, can be some of the side effects of detoxing. However, it may just be that these were things that taking marijuana was helping with, rather than symptoms of a THC detox.

How Long Does THC Stay in My Body?

Marijuana strainsThere isn’t a specific length of time. It’s not something that can be measured in black and white, there is quite a lot that has an impact on the time THC stays in your body after taking it including how and how much you take, your general health and metabolism, and even the potency of the marijuana. A marijuana detox from high THC strains will probably be harder. A Los Angeles Dispensary could be able to help you with this, as they can tell you the potency of the strains they are dispensing. This will help you to work out how long the THC will stay in your body.

It is likely that the THC will go within 1-3 days. This depends on a lot of factors so isn’t something that can be guaranteed. THC and cannabis can be detected in your system up to 90 days after use, specifically through hair follicle testing.
Most of us will find a few days is enough for THC to leave the system but if you have taken a lot for a long time then it might need longer.

Working and Not Working Marijuana Detox Methods

Some things that definitely work for marijuana detox include:marijuana detox

  • Drinking a lot of water to flush out your system and get rid of any toxins.
  • Exercising plenty. Some THC is stored within fat cells and exercise will speed up the time they take to metabolize.
  • Detox drinks and kits can be used, these can help to flush out marijuana from the system. They can also help with replenishing vitamins and encourage your body to get rid of THC they are holding. These don’t always work.

There are a number of methods that absolutely do not work, and urban myths that get circulated telling you how to detox from cannabis with basically no effort. There are marijuana products on the market offering a THC detox that seems too good to be true. The following are myths and won’t help:

  • Bleach. The weird myth that bleach works are harmful. Never ingest anything containing bleach.
  • Niacin detoxes do not work.
  • Vinegar has no real impact and doesn’t detox the body or mask the THC within.
  • Cranberry juice. Another myth that has worked its way into the vocabulary, cranberry juice is good for you, but won’t do much for your cannabis detox.

Frequency of Detoxing Marijuana

How often you detox on marijuana is really something to consider as well as how to detox from cannabis. Though it is legal in a lot of locations, marijuana can have long term impacts on your health if you take too much. Also, over time, you may build up a tolerance and need additional cannabis in order to experience the same highs. Regular detoxing is a way to avoid this. If you feel you are needing to take more to get the same effects, a detox may well be required.

Contraindications of Marijuana Detox

When should you avoid marijuana detox or THC detox? If you have been prescribed cannabis as a medical aid then there is every chance that a detox could see the very symptoms it is supposed to be treating return and cause you issues in your everyday life. If you have a medical marijuana card or you are advised by medical professionals to take marijuana as pain relief, it could be a bad idea to detox.

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