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How to Make THC-Infused Bath Bombs?

Many of us love to relax with a bath. A hot bath can be a cure for a lot of life’s stresses and strains, and people are often looking for new ways to make their bath even more relaxing. Bath bombs have been popular for a long time, but they haven’t always been sold as marijuana products. Now, people are waking up to THC bath bombs as a way to soothe both their bodies and mind. This guide will show you how to make your own THC bombs for the bath.

How THC Bath Bombs Work

If you know the basics of how bath bombs work, you’ll know that they fizz up and “explode” when they come into contact with water, filling your whole bath with bright colors, soothing scents, and other ingredients. A THC bath bomb works the same way, except it has the THC cannabinoid included as a key ingredient.

As the bomb fizzes, THC is released into the water. Then, when you enter the water, the THC can connect with receptors on your skin, producing a relaxing, soothing effect, sometimes known as a “body high”. Some bath bombs may even penetrate deeper into the skin, leading to even more notable therapeutic effects, without ever being as strong or potent as smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis edibles.

thc bath bomb

Potential Benefits of THC Bombs

As Medical News Today explains, CBD bath bombs have become really popular lately, and THC bath bombs are also on the rise, thanks to their unique advantages. But what do bath bombs do when infused with THC? Here are some of the benefits of bath bombs with this key ingredient included:

  • Relaxation – As explained above, THC bath bombs are great for helping people relax and forget their worries. They can even help with stress, and Drexel University confirms that THC can soothe anxiety, when used in low doses, like THC bath bombs.
  • Reduce inflammation – If you happen to have any inflamed areas of skin, like red patches or sore spots, a THC bath soak can help. THC has the power to soothe pain and ease inflammation, promoting the body’s healing processes.
  • Great for skin – Studies have also shown that THC has a range of skincare benefits. It may help to ease the symptoms of various skin conditions, helping your skin look and feel smoother and fresher once you finish your hot bath.
  • Easy to make – Another big benefit of THC bath bombs is that they’re super easy to make. You can easily find a good bath bomb recipe online, grab some bath bomb molds, and mix in the various ingredients, like essential oil and epsom salts.

Will THC Bath Bombs Get You High?

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You won’t get high from marijuana bath bombs unless they are ingested. Be careful not to ingest any of the water (some of the ingredients are not designed for being swallowed!)

We also recommend dosing the ingredients carefully when mixing and making your marijuana bath bombs. Make sure you mix the oil evenly along with the other ingredients to ensure that your bombs have a balanced amount of THC.

You can also experiment with other ingredients in your bath bomb recipes, and you don’t have to follow our guide exactly to the letter. But there shouldn’t be any case where you have to worry about feeling high, as that can only happen if you smoke or consume THC, not by bathing it.

How to Make DIY THC Bath Bombs?

To actually make the THC bath bombs, get some marijuana oil ready first, along with your other ingredients:

  • 3 tbsp cannabis oil (you can buy this from any good Los Angeles marijuana dispensary)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (or olive oil if you don’t have coconut oil or want to save money)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup Epsom salts
  • 1/2 cup starch such as cornstarch
  • A dash of water
  • Other essential oils

Mix all of the ingredients mentioned above and combine them slowly. Start with the dry ingredients and add in the oils and a little dash of water. The consistency should be suitable for holding and shouldn’t crumble when yothc bombs u make it into shape. If it is too dry and crumbly you can add a little bit of water.

Place your bombs into a mold. You can choose all kinds of different molds, you can even buy things like cookie cutters if they’re big enough. This is a chance to make your bath bomb look cool, too.

Adding the THC oil is where your own personal judgment might come into things. You should decide how much you want to put in. We recommend starting with about ⅙ to ¼ of a teaspoon of cannabis oil. You can adjust this if needed. Contact us if you need more help or guidance.

DIY THC Bath Bomb Steps

  1. Prepare all of your ingredients.
  2. Mix the dry ingredients together, followed by the oils.
  3. Add a small amount of water to achieve a good consistency – it shouldn’t be too dry or crumbly.
  4. Put your mixture into molds.
  5. Give the bombs time to set before using them.

THC bath bombs are great for making your bath even more relaxing, and they’re so easy to make. We hope that this guide has provided all the info you need on the subject, and encourage you to give your own DIY bath bombs a try.

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