Marijuana After Workout: Can You Benefit From It?

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Whether you are just starting to train for your first 5K or are a veteran tri-athlete, you are always looking for ways to enhance your workout. Knowing what foods to eat for energy, finding the best drinks to replenish electrolytes or the most comfortable clothes for long distant running, you want to see what will benefit you the most. Cannabis may be the next best thing for your workout!

The healing qualities of cannabis are currently being widely used to treat and relieve symptoms of a variety of illnesses and conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and seizures. The compounds in the substance have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation significantly. Marijuana also has both calming and energizing properties. These overall qualities of healing, relaxation, and energizing effects can be beneficial to all aspects of your exercise routines. Here’s a basic overview of how cannabis can help improve your workouts.

The Difference of adding THC or CBD to your Workout

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There are over 60 cannabinoid compounds in the cannabis sativa plant, also known as the marijuana plant. These cannabinoid compounds have a variety of qualities that have been used for thousands of years for treating diseases, in cooking, and helping with relaxation, among other things.

THC is one of the most widely used of these compounds. It’s a crystalline chemical that is derived from the resin of the plant. This is the substance in marijuana that has various psychoactive qualities, giving users the typical euphoric high feeling. Depending on the level of THC, and the strain of the plant the compound is obtained from, the substance has qualities that can give the user an overall sense of calm, or a boost of energy. Due to its psychoactive effects, it’s often used for recreational purposes.

CBD is the other most commonly used compound derived from the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t give the user a high. It’s one of the main ingredients in medical marijuana. The substance is commonly used for its healing qualities including, relieving localized pain and as an anti-inflammatory. For athletes and non-athletes, this is beneficial for sports injuries and for common post-workout muscle cramps, strains, and stiffness.

The downside to THC and CBD for a Workout

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The benefits of using THC and CBD for all aspects of your workout outweigh the small number of disadvantages. There are a few factors to take into consideration, though. Before using marijuana to enhance your exercise routine, know how your body will react. Due to differences in our body’s metabolism and other factors, including medications being taken and threshold for tolerance, each person’s reaction to the chemical will be slightly different. If you aren’t a regular user, try it a few times on non-workout days to test out the level you think you will want and to see how it makes you feel.

The different levels and combinations of THC and CBD can cause different effects. The type of workout you are undertaking, the duration and intensity of the exercise, and your fitness level should all be taken into account when deciding what strain of marijuana and level of THC you choose. Too high a dose of THC can cause extreme euphoria, or be more like a sedative. Neither is beneficial for any type of exercise routine. You don’t want to be too jittery or feel like you need to sit on the couch and become a zombie.

Tips for Adding Cannabis to Your Exercise Routine

Nowadays, it is so popular to hear about marijuana is sports, but before making cannabis part of your workout routine, determine what effect you are looking for. Do you want to be a more relaxed pre-workout or have a higher level of energy to help you through a more intense routine? If you are doing yoga, you may want a low dose of THC to help you relax into the poses. For team sports, such as baseball or football, you might need a bit more of the substance in combination with CBD for focus and energy.

Cannabis-infused massage oils, creams, and lotions are a great addition to post-workout treatments. They can help reduce localized pain and inflammation from minor sprains and over-use. A CBD topical can also help relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and soreness. THC in a topical doesn’t give the user a high like other forms of the compound does.

Adding cannabis to your exercise routine can assist you in achieving your fitness goals in several ways. The right level of TCH, and in combination with CBD, can give you the help you need to be more focused and energized for the game, more relaxed for yoga, or ready to run all 26 kilometers. Whether you are looking for ways to get motivated during your pre-workout, energized for your main workout, or pain relief for your post-workout, cannabis may have the exact benefits you are looking for.

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