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How to Smoke Marijuana: A Guide For Your First Time Smoking Cannabis

We want to provide marijuana guides for everyone, and in the modern age, there are more and more types of people turning to weed. You need to know how to smoke weed properly, the different ways to smoke weed and the ways to stay safe throughout.

This post is something of a “how to smoke weed for beginners” guide. Some people are embarrassed to ask or don’t hang out with people who smoke weed. Our weed guide is here to help all those who aren’t quite sure and make sure no risks are being taken. Your first time smoking weed should be enjoyable, even if you are inexperienced.

How & Where to Buy It?

cannabis shopFirstly, weed should be consumed legally. In some states, recreational marijuana is legal, in others, medical marijuana is legal. In some parts of the world, no marijuana should be consumed, as it is illegal and can result in a criminal conviction.

If you are looking to consume for medical use, check the laws and the directions for obtaining marijuana for medical use in your state.

You will often need to apply for a medical marijuana card that proves that you have a condition for which you have been prescribed cannabis. You will then be able to obtain it from dispensaries. In states where recreational consumption is legal, you won’t need a card or proof that you have a medical condition.

Always buy from reputable places. Weed dispensaries are now relatively common. You don’t need to buy from anywhere else, and nor should you. Unless you plan to grow yourself, never trust someone not representing an official dispensary.

How to Choose the Right Strain?

cannabis strainLuckily, this is something you can get some help with. If you’re in LA, you can visit the best Los Angeles Dispensary and know you will get the help you need to choose a strain of weed for you. You can do a little research online, too.

There are many different weed strains out there. If you are looking into how to smoke weed for beginners this may be news to you. It is easy to assume that all weed is the same. This is far from the truth. Some strains are best for pain relief, some are best for sleep, some are best for staying alert.

It is a matter of deciding what you need from your marijuana and matching up a strain. Dispensaries will be happy to help you to decide which will provide a mellow high, the maximum pain relief, or whatever else you are looking for.

Ways of Smoking Marijuana

If you are looking into how to smoke pot properly or how to take marijuana then you may not know just how many ways there are. Smoking isn’t even the only way to consume weed, but if you are to smoke you can choose a few ways.

  • You can roll your own joints. This involves grinding the weed first before putting it into a joint and rolling like you would a cigarette.
  • You can also use a bong to smoke, which some people find easier to inhale the smoke and feel the effects.
  • You may use a pipe, another method of smoking that isn’t as popular these days but still works!

If smoking isn’t the way for you, there are edibles, too. Marijuana can be eaten and have the same impact as smoking.

How to Consider the Correct Quantity?

cannabis teaWorking out the right quantity of marijuana isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You should start with lower doses and gradually increase until you reach a level you are satisfied with. Find the level that treats your aches and pains or provides the relief you have been looking for. Your body can build up a tolerance over time, so starting at a lower level is always recommended.

Many dispensaries and the laws in some states mean that you can only buy up to 1 gram of marijuana per day. This is enough for most people and can be smoked in a couple of joints to spread out over the course of the day. Don’t start with too much or the effects might be more obvious, side effects could be more of an issue.

Expectations: How Long Does the High Last?

There is no specific way to work out how long does marijuana stay in your system. There are loads of different features that go into this. Simply put, the high will last for as long as the THC is interacting with the endocannabinoid system. This can be an hour, or it can be far longer. It depends on your tolerance, the amount of THC in the strain of cannabis, how much you have smoked and how you have smoked it.

Once again, you can look for marijuana guides to help you to decide which strain is right for you. As a beginner, 0.5 grams will probably keep you high for a few hours. A couple of grams would last for most of the day. Tolerance also depends on your metabolic system.


Knowing how to smoke weed is essential to make sure you don’t waste it, and that you aren’t doing any damage to your system. There are a few ways to smoke weed and it is likely that one of the above will be perfect for you. Work out whether a bong, a joint or even a pipe is best for your needs.

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