Growing Your Own Marijuana Christmas Tree

Growing your very own marijuana Christmas tree may not be the most conventional of things to do in the holiday season, but boy it is fun! If you haven’t got the time to grow your own weed Christmas tree, or if you’d rather go ahead and skip the hard work, most of the ready-made options will set you back somewhere in the region of $200-300. Think about it.

The plant fills your home with the delicious aromas of cannabis, you can stash your cannabis Christmas gifts beneath it, and once you’re done and the Christmas period is over, you get to smoke your tree instead of throwing it in the trash. It makes you wonder why this wasn’t the tradition in the first place.

Buying or Growing Marijuana Christmas Tree?

Buying versus growing is really not about money, although it is a factor. As mentioned, buying a ready-made tree will cost you a few hundred bucks, and that’s for a plant that’s not in the flowering stage.

If you want one that’s ready to harvest and smoke pretty much right out the gate you will probably have to pay a little bit more, but this all depends on your marijuana store. However, growing your own tree isn’t exactly a free activity. You have to front the cost of the equipment and the utilities to keep it alive and thriving. But let’s face it, growing your own is way more fun. Just like brewing your own beer or making your own wine, it just tastes that little bit better when you finally get around to smoking it. Plus, you get to boast about it to your friends while sitting at home getting high off your own supply reeling off your best Christmas facts.

Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Christmas Tree

First of all, it is not legal to grow marijuana in every state in the US, so you should check your state cannabis laws before starting.

Also, even if it is legal, there may be certain thresholds you have to abide by.

Of course, this depends on the purpose of growing it, whether for its medicinal or recreational purposes and stuff like that.

With that said, here are the main benefits of growing your own marijuana Christmas tree:

  • Complete autonomy and control over the process
  • You know where the bud is from and what you used to grow it
  • It’s cheaper in the long run as the equipment can be used time and time again
  • You get to smoke your weed Christmas tree with a real sense of achievement

The web is filled with do-it-your-self weed recipes, beauty tips, health and wellness tricks, and other hacks. Also, if you are growing your own, you can take some of that plant and use it for a gingerbread house recipe or cookies for the holidays.

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How to Grow Your Own Cannabis Christmas Tree?

Growing a cannabis plant can be a daunting experience if it’s your first time. Yet, it’s usually not as complicated or demanding as many people might believe.

Best Temperature

Most online sources agree on one thing; cannabis plants are similar to humans in terms of the preferred temperature. A mildly warm temp, around 70-85 °F or 20-30 °C is ideal, not too humid or too dry. This is probably easy enough to produce if you go for the indoor method.
Cannabis goes along great with all the other house plants and flowers you might have. But, for the outdoors, the convenience and accommodation costs might even be lower.

Marijuana Christmas Tree Growing Kit

cannabis christmas tree If you’re growing a cannabis plant as a decoration for Christmas, but you still want to cultivate it, growing indoors is probably the easiest way to go. And, to make this even easier, you can even purchase a kit designed to grow marijuana indoors. Most kits come with feminized seeds, which means they will produce female plants 100% of the time.

Usually, the chance is 50-50% for males or females. But, this way, you can have multiple harvests, if that’s what you’re interested in.

Kits are ready for planting and come with detailed instructions.

The Maintenance of the Tree

While growing, cannabis goes through different stages. All of them require slightly different conditions. But, the main thing to know is that, if you go for the indoor method, venting is very important. You can’t just use a fan or an AC, because they just tumble the air around or bring down the temperature unnaturally.

Also, you need to pay attention to the light schedule, as cannabis requires around 18 hours of light daily, which is the primary thing when growing indoors, but easily solvable with a simple switch timer. Also, some shops recommend cannabis-growing supplements, but these are usually recommended to experienced growers only.

Growing Christmas Tree Indoors

If your plan is to grow a single plant for Christmas, there won’t be much need to invest a great deal into utilities and equipment. Although, you must ensure certain conditions are met, like the temperature, humidity, light, and others.
Just as with any other exotic plant, you need to pay close attention to its needs. If it looks like it’s not doing so well you need to step in and remedy the situation before it dies or the harvest is ruined.

Growing Christmas Tree Outdoors

Planting your own Christmas tree outdoors also has its perks. First of all, it is cheaper, environmentally friendly, and it can be a very relaxing thing for you to spend time outside taking care of your plant. Gardening is therapeutic!

Naturally, it is heavily dependent on the climate in your region. If the temperature is constantly above 85 °F or 30 °C, it will stop growing. If the temp is under 55 °F or 13 °C for prolonged periods, it can even damage and destroy the plant. Also, heavy rain or wind is not good. The plant may continue to grow, but mold may cause problems further down the line.

Whatever way you decide to go, growing your own marijuana Christmas tree is tremendous fun and you learn a whole lot along the way. Who knows, it could be the start of a new career in the new year as a cannabis connoisseur!

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Ian Baker

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