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A Complete Guide to Cannabis Tourism in Los Angeles

Buying weed in California for medicinal purposes has been legal since 1996, while recreational users have been able to buy weed legitimately since late 2016. Since then, the cannabis industry has boomed, making California a new-found Utopia for weed smokers across the nation.

As you are more than likely aware, cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 drug according to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, making it illegal to buy and consume in the federal government’s eyes.

Interestingly, a few states across the USA have legalized recreational and medical cannabis use, somewhat contradicting federal law. As such, the states that have done so are now benefiting from a new phenomenon called “cannabis tourism,” where keen pot-smokers come from far to enjoy a “semi-legal” joint or edible.

This article will take a closer look at cannabis tourism in Los Angeles and the best methods for buying weed in California if you are considering a visit. Let’s get into it.

What is Cannabis Tourism?

Marijuana TourismSimply put, cannabis tourism is when people travel to a city, country, or state to benefit from the more relaxed laws surrounding the consumption of cannabis. Drug consumption may not even be the number one reason for the trip; however, tourists would be eager to visit and participate in one of the many cannabis-related experiences on offer.

But, the fun doesn’t end at coffee shops. Marijuana tourism is truly booming and has opened up more ways to enjoy and explore cities than ever before. Here are a few examples of some weed tourism-related activities you can enjoy in California:

  • Cannabis yoga retreats
  • Wine and weed tours
  • Puff, pass & paint group sessions
  • Weed friendly festivals and events
  • Cannabis spas and massages
  • 420 tours

In particular, 420 tours are a fantastic way to indulge in weed tourism. It appeals to a wide range of people looking to learn more about the cannabis process, from the cultivation of cannabis to distribution to consumption.

Tours such as Green Tours give you access to state of the art growing facilities where you can marvel at the cutting edge technology being used in cultivation today and even take a walk around some of the most famous and interesting spots in the city (all while getting high, of course!)

Interestingly, California is the largest cannabis market in the US, which means that there are new and exciting businesses and venture shopping up each day trying to capture a slice of this highly lucrative market.

Where Can You Buy it Legally?

smoke shopThe best place to pick up some weed would be your nearest Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. These places are all 100% above board and source their cannabis from reputable and trusted sources.

In these stores, you can buy a wide range of cannabis-related products, from a good old fashioned joint to something a bit more far fetched, like cannabis-infused beef jerky or a cannabis bath soak.

In fact, these stores are great places to find some gift ideas for cannabis users; just make sure it’s still legal for you to fly/drive them back home.

Most Popular Cannabis Products in LA

As mentioned, the cannabis industry in Los Angeles has truly exploded in recent years, making room for all kinds of crazy and wacky creations. However, when it comes to mainstream consumption, the local market still makes up the majority of cannabis sales, usually in the form of pre-rolled regular joints, edibles, and raw buds.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cannabis products in LA, as these are what you will most likely come across on your travels:

  • Joints
  • Concentrates and resin
  • THC infused edibles
  • Vapes
  • CBD Only products
  • Cannabis-infused beauty products
  • Cannabis beverages
  • Edibles
  • Smoking apparatus (bongs & pipes)
  • Cannabis candy

Final Word

If you’re looking for a city to partake in some weed tourism, then look no further than Los Angeles. This amazingly diverse city is one of the best in the world when it comes to cannabis, from both a growing and cultivating perspective to the sheer amount of products available to consumers through the highly convenient marijuana dispensaries.

Whether you want to take in the sights with one of the city’s famous 420 tours, or relax and enjoy some well-earned R&R at a weed-spa, Los Angeles has it all.

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Ian Baker

Ian Baker does content and customer communications with Happy Leaf Collective through the website and blog. With 5 years of total experience working in cannabis niche, 3 were spent as a budtender in Arizona. 2 years ago, following his passion of writing and educating, Ian made the move into content and communications.