CBD bath bomb recipe

How to Make CBD Oil Bath Bombs at Home?

CBD oil bath bombsIt seems that with every passing day, more and more exciting CBD products are hitting stores across the world and all kinds of fun use for CBD are being discovered.
Bath bombs have been popular for years, magically fizzing away upon contact with water and giving your bath water a whole array of beautiful colors and pleasant aromas.
Usually, essential oils are used in the creation of bath bombs, but you can add CBD into the mix to make CBD oil bath bombs of your own. Like other CBD products, they can help you relax, providing a perfect, soothing bath after a long and tiring day.
From oils and lotions to edibles and even pet treats from your local medical marijuana store, there are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, and if you’re looking to use your own supply of CBD oil in a fun and original way, a CBD bath bomb recipe might be just what you need.

How CBD Bath Bombs Work

CBD oil bath bombsBefore we get into the details of how to make CBD bath bombs and go through the list of ingredients in our CBD bath bomb recipe, it’s important to take a look at how exactly these bombs work and what kinds of effects they can have.
The science behind CBD and CBD products like CBD oil bath bombs is still developing, with ongoing studies and research trying to find out more about how this naturally occurring chemical compound interacts with the human body.
While we can’t be entirely sure on the specifics of how CBD works, it’s believed to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies, which is connected to all kinds of bodily processes and sensations. The ECS can affect our appetite, mood, tiredness levels, feelings of pain, inflammation, and much more.
Studies looking at CBD’s effects have found that it can alleviate pain, soothe inflammation, ease stress and anxiety, and help people relax. Since most people like to take a bath to relax, it’s logical that making use of a CBD bath bomb recipe can help to make the bath even more relaxing.
It’s also important to note that THC bath bombs are very different from CBD bath bombs. The former include THC as an ingredient, and THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis that gives people a sensation of being ‘high’. So a THC bath bomb might make you feel high, but a CBD one shouldn’t have the same effect.

How to Make Your Own CBD Bath Bombs

If you’ve ever wondered how to make CBD bath bombs, this simple guide will tell you all you need to know, covering ingredients and step by step instructions to put CBD oil bath bombs together.


The following CBD bath bomb recipe will produce one bath bomb.

How do you put CBD in a bath bomb?

Here are all the ingredients you need to get started:

  • Some molds for making the bath bombs
  • 4 oz of baking soda
  • 2 oz of corn starch
  • 2 oz of citric acid
  • 2 oz of Epsom salt1/4 teaspoon of CBD oil
  • A couple of drops of food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon of water
  • 1 teaspoon of your favorite essential oil

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath BombsOnce you’ve assembled the ingredients, you’re ready to learn how to make CBD bath bombs. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • To begin, prepare a bowl and add in all the dry ingredients, whisking them together into a mixture. In a separate small bowl or glass, mix together your wet ingredients.
  • Next, slowly add the liquid mixture into the bowl of the dry mixture, whisking carefully. Be sure to do this very slowly, and if you see any kind of fizzing reaction, it means you’re going too quickly.
  • Once the ingredients have been combined, you should have a substance that feels like wet sand, and you can touch it with your fingers to see how it feels. If the consistency isn’t quite right, just add a little more water.
  • Once your mixture is ready, it’s time to place it into the mold. Fill each side of your mold to the top and then sprinkle a little more on top of each side; this will help the two sections stick together later on.
  • Next, you need to press the two halves of your mold together and hold them in place to let them set together. After that, carefully remove one side of the mold.
  • Place the bomb down, with the mold side on the ground, and let it dry for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Once the bath bomb is dry, you can gently remove the remaining section of mold and then let the bomb sit for a few hours longer to really solidify before using it.
  • That’s it! Your bath bombs are now ready to use. You can either enjoy them yourself, or they make great gift ideas for weed lovers in your life.
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