Which are the Best Weed Strains in California?

The best weed strains can vary from one place to another. Our guide is here to help you find the right cannabis strains to suit the activities you want to take part in, whether you want something to relax you or you want to stay alert for the next few hours.

Since the federal legalization of marijuana, it has become a lot easier to get your hands on the right cannabis for you.

Best Weed Strains in California

Best Marijuana Strains in California

Girl Scout Cookies

Type: Hybrid
THC Level: up to 19%
Perfect for: Relaxation, stress relief, creative activities.

Girls Scout cookies are one of the most popular types of weed bought from a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. This strain is great for calming people down but also doesn’t come with a drowsy feeling, so it is good for creativity and for relieving stress in a difficult scenario. It’s quite a unique hybrid strain of weed.

OG Kush

Type: Hybrid
THC Level: 18%
Perfect for: Relaxation, pain relief, partying.

OG Kush is another hybrid that is fantastic for those who want a relaxed feeling. It’s good for stress relief and can help you to relax. Paranoia and other negative effects are pretty rare with OG Kush which has been one of the top sellers in Cannabis dispensaries and actually arrived in the region in the 1990s.

Jack Herer

Type: Sativa
THC Level: 17.5%
Perfect for: Relaxation, stress-relief, happiness.

This is named after the marijuana activist and the writer of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, Jack Herer. It’s a very happy strain. The fact that this has basically no feelings of drowsiness means one of the oldest cannabis myths debunked. It’s a good strain for staying alert no matter what you are doing but has some happy and even euphoric effects in terms of your mood.

Blue Dream

Type: Hybrid
THC Level: Around 15%
Perfect for: Stress relief, creativity, great for beginners.

This is a popular strain for those who have never experienced weed before. It can be described as “gentle euphoria”. You don’t feel too out of your head when you are taking this strain but it is uplifting and great for those who are creative.

Grandaddy Purple

Type: Indica
THC Level: 17.5%
Perfect for: Relaxation, anxiety, sleep.

This is a very popular Indica strain. It gets its name from the deep purple flowers that grow on the flower and it has an incredible relaxation effect. It’s great for those who struggle to sleep as it can help you with feeling relaxed and tired enough to get to sleep. It is a powerful stress-reliever too, and side effects such as paranoia are extremely rare.

Green Crack

Type: Sativa
THC Level: 17%
Perfect for: Energy, uplifting feeling.

Green crack is an extremely powerful strain that has a really powerful uplifting effect and, contrary to what a lot of people believe about marijuana, this strain actually gives you energy rather than making you sleepy or drowsy. Green crack is a Sativa strain and side effects are rare, other than a bit of dryness in the mouth.


Type: Hybrid
THC Level: 17%
Perfect for: Relaxation, experienced users.

There’s no denying that this strain, which actually originated in California, has a really heavy hit to it. You can get THC levels between 14 and 19% but it tends to hit hard and novices might not want to use it straight away until they have a little more experience. However, for its painkilling and relaxation properties, the Gelato strain is very popular among those who have taken marijuana before and know their tolerance levels.

Khalifa Kush

Type: Hybrid
THC Level: 19.5%
Perfect for: Experienced users, euphoric highs, helps with appetite.

Khalifa Kush is also known as Wiz Khalifa OG due to the fact it was developed for the rapper! There are those who say you can’t get hold of the actual Khalifa Kush strain but this doesn’t seem to be true, as it can be bought over the counter. Khalifa Kush gives really euphoric highs, but it is another that might not be the most sensible to start out with, and it is more for users who have built up something of a tolerance to weed over the years.


A licensed marijuana dispensary should be able to match up your needs with the right cannabis strain. This is one of the brilliant things about the legalization, as people can now speak freely about it with no fear of being in any sort of trouble. This also leads to more strains being available and bred specifically to give you the exact feeling you want from your weed strain, whether that means relaxation or an energetic high.

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