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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity?

Creativity might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Marijuana; we all know what it’s like to be stuck to the sofa for five hours when you’re stoned. However, artists, from writers to filmmakers, have sparked up for centuries as a way to spark their creativity, and marijuana can be an amazing tool for inspiring new ways of thinking. It’s important to know what strains to look for though; whereas Indica strains will help you to relax, Sativa-dominant strains are the ones that will get your imagination soaring. If you are stuck in a creative rut, read on, as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis strains for creativity.

The Best cannabis strains for creativity

Kali Mist

Kali Mist is thought to have originated in the 1990s through crossing two Sativa-dominant hybrids and is best known for easing menstrual cramps. This 90% Sativa strain also has miraculous motivational qualities, so it’s perfect if you’ve got a deadline looming and need your focus and productivity to stay elevated all day long. It offers a clear-headed, cerebral, and energizing high, even leaning towards the psychedelic, so it’s fantastic if out of the box thinking is required.

cannabis strains for creativity - Kali-Mist

Jack Herer

Named after the legendary cannabis activist and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, this hybrid is the winner of a number of awards. The cross of Skunk, true Haze and Northern Lights offers an uplifting, almost euphoric high. It will stimulate your senses for a blissful, focused mental buzz that is borderline-psychedelic and will encourage philosophical thinking and creativity. It’s also known for reducing distracting disorders like depression and anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain so you can fully concentrate without any of those fuzzyheaded feelings. The balance of Sativa and Indica mean long-lasting effects that will sustain your resourcefulness throughout the day.

cannabis strains for creativity - Jack-Herer

Sour Diesel

This 90 percent Sativa strain is one of the most popular and well-known on the list. Named for its pungent diesel aroma, creatives including filmmakers and artists have used Sour D to fuel their inventive process, and the strain now holds cult status with trailblazers. It offers a clear, happy and energetic head high with a balanced body high that leaves you feeling in control and with an intense, introspective focus so you can zoom in on what you are doing, filtering everything else out. This makes Sour Diesel one of the best cannabis strains to boost your creative thinking.

cannabis strains for creativity - Sour-Diesel


This strain gets its name from the famous rifle, but it’s anything but violent, instead offering users a mellow bullet of creativity. It is known for its high THC content, meaning that you shouldn’t go overboard; a couple of puffs will go a long way to increase your inventiveness, opening your mind and allowing your creative muse to come in all guns blazing. It’s also great for inducing a tranquil relaxation, so if stress is obstructing your thoughts from flowing freely, then AK-47 can help clear the haze.

cannabis strains for creativity - Ak-47


This dawg is a particularly strong Sativa/Indica hybrid with an average THC content of 15-20%, so it should only be consumed by seasoned users. If you are looking for a dizzying cerebral high, though, it can’t be beaten. It is renowned for kick-starting imaginative and innovative thinking, and the uplifting, pain-relieving effects will open you up to the mind-expanding vision and for the creative gods to fill you with insight and inspiration. There is a heavy body high associated with this strain, so it’s great if you need to sit still while your brain does all of the work.

cannabis strains for creativity - Chemdawg

Blue Dream

This strain will leave you feeling truly dreamy; it’s renowned for its euphoric and uplifting effects, so if you’re struggling to motivate yourself due to low mood then Blue Dream will pull you out of the gutter and knock down that creative block, filling you with inspiration and colorful thinking. The high offered by this strain is much calmer than many on the list and is combined with full-body relaxation that will leave you feeling completely at ease with the world.

cannabis strains for creativity - Blue-Dream


If you need to settle down at your desk all day for a study sesh, then Tangie is a great choice. It has a meditative effect, which allows you to deeply focus and dive deep into projects, but it is also incredibly uplifting, helping to elevate your thinking to heady heights; it’s better than any afternoon caffeine hit.

annabis strains for creativity - Tangies

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze has a misleading name—it won’t make you forget who you are! Instead, it will vaporize whatever is thwarting your creative genius, making your artistic rut seem like a distant memory. The fresh, strong Sativa high gives clarity of thought that will make you more productive and resourceful, and it’s also great for mental and physical fatigue so your energy will be high enough to accomplish those tasks you’ve been putting off.

annabis strains for creativity -Amnesia-Haze

If you’re not sure which one is the best choice for you, don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation in nearest Los Angeles dispensary.

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