Sativa or Indica for Party

Best Cannabis Strains for Parties

Beautifully decorated cakes for birthdays, a tableful of delicious foods on Thanksgiving, or bubbly champagne on New Year’s Eve, who doesn’t love a celebration? The best events are a combination of fabulous foods, tasty drinks, and a roomful of your closest friends! What better way to add spice to your festivities than with some exceptional strains of weed? If you yawn at the idea of the usual celebrations, you don’t need to settle for boring get-togethers. Throw your friends, and yourself, the ultimate event with an all-out cannabis party!
Bring fun, creativity, and energy to your next bash with one or more of these 5 best strains for all your parties!

Sativa & Indica Strains for a Party


Chocolope is our weed of choice for all occasions. Also known as D-Line, this hybrid is heavily Sativa dominant at 90%, and 10% Indica. The flavor is derived from the sweet, chocolatey cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. With its sweetness, you’ll experience an underlying essence of robust coffee. This strain gives you a dreamy, thought-provoking high that opens your mind up to inspiration.
That’s why we also love this for being one of our favorite cannabis strains for creativity. As with many of our selected strains, Chocolope has a THC level of between 15 to 21%


Cannabis StrainsTangie is our choice for cocktail parties. Another highly Sativa Dominant hybrid at approximately 70%, and 30% Indica. This citrusy strain is a cross between Skunk and California Orange.
It was created to pay homage to the ultra-popular Tangerine Dream. When you consume Tangie, you’ll be enticed by its citrusy flavors, like tangerine. An excellent strain for conversations at cocktail parties. Your guests will enjoy an initial uplifting, spirit-boosting high that will pull them into a socializing mood. As the evening transcends, your party guests will find themselves relaxed and happy and enjoying each other’s company. Tangie’s THC level ranges between 17 and 23%.

Sour Lemon OG

In the best of weed for birthday parties, we choose Sour Lemon OG. This fun strain is also known as Sour Lemon and Super Sour Lemon. Its lemony tart essence is created by crossing California Sour and Lemon OG. Your guests’ taste buds will love the tart citrusy blend of lemon, lime, and a hint of fresh apple. Its uplifting lemony scent and earthy background bring out the image of drinking lemonade in the warmth of summertime. The high begins by giving you a clear head and a sharp focus. As it rolls away, it transcends into a soothing relaxation for your mind and body. Sour Lemon OG has a THC level of approximately 15 to 18%


We love Pez for Cannabis-focused parties. As Indica dominant, we choose it as one of the best social strains. When using cannabis it is important to understand the difference between Indica and Sativa. The flavor is reminiscent of those candy dispensers with the tart pastel tablets from our childhoods. It has a sweet candy-like flavor and aroma, with a subtle touch of mint. You’ll experience a cerebral and physical high that brings out creativity with focused energy. For weed get-togethers, Pez helps reduce anxiety disorder and racing thoughts and offers relaxation without the drowsiness. A great combination to get people to open up and socialize. Although not much is known about its origins, it’s believed to be from Afghani and Pakistani strains. Pez has a THC level of 15 to 20%.

Durban Cookies

cannabis cocktailDurban Cookies is another one of our choice social strains. This is a heavily Sativa dominant hybrid. When you consume this weed, you get a zing of mental energy and a massive body buzz. It’s an excellent strain for your high-energy cannabis party. Its parentage is a cross between Durban Poison and the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. When you consume this favorite, you’ll be treated to a sweet, down-to-earth, nutty flavor. With a higher THC content, this weed is not recommended for newbies. The THC levels can reach the mid-twenty percent and average between 12-26%.

These are just a shortlist of our favorite marijuana products to help you spice up your celebrations. From a simple get-together of your best friends or to a large formal gathering, there are a wide variety of other flavors and aromas you can choose from. With the vast array of delectable strains, you can also offer your guests a variety of options for consumption, including pre-rolls, vape oils, and edibles.

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