CBD Oil for Pets

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Like many of us, your dog or cat isn’t just a pet; they are part of the family. Just like with the rest of your family, you want the best for your furry babies. You do everything you can to keep them healthy. When they do get sick, you want them to have the highest-quality care. Any veterinarian won’t do it. Your pet’s health care providers must have the same high standards you do.

You also want to treat your fur babies holistically when possible. No nasty prescriptions for them! Whether you are looking for a supplement for everyday health or homeopathic treatment, CBD is an excellent addition to your pet’s daily care. CBD oil for dogs and cats has a wide variety of beneficial healing qualities to make your pet happy and healthy. Here are five benefits of CBD oil for pets.

CBD is one of many compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis is the same plant THC comes from, the part of marijuana that causes the user to get high. Commercial CBD must have less than 0.3%. With little to no THC, CBD won’t get you or your pet high.

Humans have an endocannabinoid system that synthesizes cannabis-like chemicals. The system has CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout our body, in our central and peripheral nervous systems. Dogs and cats have the same system in their bodies that also naturally produce compounds similar to those in cannabis. When we give our pets CBD, the chemical interacts with their endocannabinoid system through similar CB1 and CB2 receptors. This interaction is known to boost their body’s healing abilities.

Powerful Painkiller and Anti-Inflammatory

For both people and animals, CBD oil is used widely for its all-natural medicinal qualities. If your pet experiences chronic pain from disease or age-related issues, CBD is a powerful painkiller without all the side effects of prescription medications. CBD for pets can help reduce symptoms of a wide variety of illnesses, including arthritis, joint pain, and injury.

Fights Digestive Issues and Helps with Appetite

Many pets experience occasional and sometimes chronic gastrointestinal problems. CBD also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis can help relieve symptoms associated with digestion issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and irritable bowel disorder (IBD). In people, CBD is often given to patients with HIV or who are receiving cancer treatments to help relieve nausea and improve their appetite. The same is true with pets. CBD oil for dogs can help reduce their nausea and improve their appetite due to digestive issues, anxiety, or other health problems.

Fights Skin Conditions

Pet careTogether the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil for dogs are beneficial in reducing itching, redness, and swelling caused by skin conditions such as hot spots, auto-immune skin diseases, and allergies

Other CBD oil benefits for dogs include reducing anxiety, easing muscle spasms, improving circulation, and relieving insomnia. For older pets, CBD can help ease their stiffness, pain, and other age-related disorders. Often used by people, CBD oil benefits for dogs also include treating Glaucoma, and seizures.

When buying CBD for pets, choose only the highest quality products. On the packaging, look for a seal from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). As you should also do with CBD products for humans, make sure the package states the manufacturer uses a commissioned third party-testing facility that can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Don’t give your pet CBD meant for people. There are often ingredients such as grapeseed oil that are safe for humans but toxic to animals.

You can purchase CBD for animals as an oil, tincture, capsules, or as edible treats. Cannabis, as an edible, is more difficult to dose and should be used sparingly. With any cannabis products for your pet, start with a low dose and see how they respond before increasing their dosage. Even though CBD is a homeopathic treatment, too much could cause serious side effects.

Currently, California is the only state veterinarians are allowed to begin a discussion with their clients about cannabis for their pets. In other states, you can ask if your vet is willing to consider CBD as a treatment. Your certified medical marijuana physician may be able to recommend a veterinarian that specializes in cannabis for pets.
In California, you can purchase CBD for pets at your local Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. If you are a newbie to cannabis, your veterinarian can guide you on how to buy marijuana and CBD for animals.

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