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Best Marijuana Smoking Accessories

Let’s face it, some of the new smoking devices are just plain cool. Devices for smoking have been cool for a long time, even when tobacco was far more popular. However, with the stigma around tobacco, it’s time for many of us to embrace marijuana devices instead.

Top Marijuana Smoking Devices

Smoking devices for cannabis can be purchased from many different places, and you can get them online as well as from some dispensaries. If you’ve ever explored how dispensaries work in California you’ll know there is a whole culture around weed that means it is not only easy to get weed in a recreational dispensary, but you can also find some cool smoking accessories

A Classic Pipe

Some of the best smoking devices are the old classics. Many of our grandfathers may have owned a pipe for tobacco, but they can be used for weed, too. This is one of the oldest devices for smoking and while it isn’t the easiest on the chest it is definitely one of the coolest ways to blaze up, even in the 21st century.
You can still buy new pipes, even in the modern age when not many people smoke them, or you can find some very cool pipes in auctions or passed down through families. A proper retro look.

A Simple Bong

simple bong


Hits from the bong. Still one of the best smoking devices for cannabis.
There are lots of bong designs, big and small. Some include filters, some don’t, but you can be sure that they are one of the most versatile devices for smoking.
Because bongs are such a popular marijuana smoking device, there are choices to suit every budget and there is inevitably a design to suit you.

Rolling Papers

rolling paper


If you know how to buy marijuana at a dispensary, you probably know that papers are one of the oldest and most essential accessories. You don’t have to roll using papers, but a lot of people choose to, and you may even have some as a backup to your other marijuana-smoking devices.
Rolling papers tend to be longer than those for tobacco use, and they can come in some really cool designs with printing on them if you look hard enough!
Anyone who can use a rolling paper properly is also bound to score some really high cool points.

Portable Vaporizer

Vaping marijuana is becoming very popular. A lot of people find that it is easier on the chest and throat, and the fact that you can keep a portable marijuana vape in your pocket definitely makes it an appealing device for weed lovers.
Vaporizers don’t generate much of an aroma, if any, so if you are using them in a place where you don’t want to create the smell of weed around you they can be ideal.
Vaporizers can work with dried weed or even other products like wax and oil made from marijuana.

A Sturdy Grinder

These are cool smoking accessories that are also functional. Grinders are required for virtually every method of consuming weed from flowers, and having a sturdy grinder is nothing short of essential.
Grinders have quite a lot of flexibility in terms of how they can look, so there are plenty of designs out there that are very cool accessories to go along with the best smoking devices. They can even be personalized.
There’s no point in going for cheap and ineffective grinders. You might as well opt for something that is going to last, and do a good job of both grinding the weed and reducing any possible waste.

Glass Bubbler

A glass bubbler is a newer smoking device, great for those who like bongs or those who like pipes. Bubbler pipes are a little bit like a mini version of a bong, as they still use water to filter and to provide the smooth hits you might be used to form a bigger bong.

A glass bubbler consists of a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem, and a water chamber for the filtration of your weed.
Of all the devices for smoking weed, a bubbler is one that will definitely get people talking.


You can get the best weed in the world, to suit the exact mood you are in, but if you don’t have the right accessories for smoking it then you may as well not bother. There are many ways to get to the same end result, but the accessories in this guide will help you to ensure an enjoyable, smooth smoke and accessories that are built to last.

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