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We believe that access to cannabis is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The medical benefits of cannabis are undisputed for pain relief, nausea, and many other side effects from traditional medication. We felt so strongly about this that we tried to sell medical cannabis back in 2013. However, our shop was constantly targeted by the authorities and we could not keep the doors open.


Happy Leaf Collective has been at the forefront of medical cannabis access and education for years. We believe that cannabis is a better drug for treating certain conditions than anything else on the market today.
Now that cannabis has been legalized in California, it’s much easier to see for yourself whether cannabis can reduce the side effects of the drugs you’re taking, or even replace them.
We also welcome recreational users! We carry a wide range of products from flowers to edibles. Whether you’re a veteran user or it’s your first time, we can help you find something to have a good time.


Happy Leaf Collective has been a part of the community for many years and we are thrilled to be back. We first opened our doors in 2013 but was forced to close in 2013 when we were constantly targeted by the authorities.

We look forward being back where it all started by offering a full range of top shelf products ranging from flowers to edibles. Our staff has been working in the industry for many years and they will be able to guide you in the right direction when you choose to purchase from us. We can’t wait to see you soon. Thank you for visiting our website. – The Staff at Happy Leaf Collective


Cannabis hasn’t been fully legalized for decades. Years of misinformation mean that our customers have a lot of questions about our products, how to use them, and their safety. Our team at Happy Leaf Collective is ready to give you the advice you need to make the right decision for your needs, whether medicinal or recreational.

Our shop sells:

  • Vaping pods (specializing in Bloom One brands)
  • Fresh cannabis (“flower”)
  • Cannabis tinctures (including CBD oil)
  • Cannabis lotions and soaps
  • Edibles (gummy candies, drinks, etc.)
  • And more

If you are already taking medical cannabis, we can point you to products that have the exact CBD and THC ratios you need for your condition. These are the two primary compounds that give cannabis its medical effects.


Do you sell both medical & recreational marijuana?

Yes! California legalized recreational marijuana a few years ago. All of our products are suited for both medical and recreational purposes. In truth, there is no difference between the two uses. What’s important for medical use is the ratio of CBD and THC for particular conditions. It’s still the same product. Recreational users can choose whatever they desire.

What do I need to purchase from you?

You need some sort of identification to purchase cannabis in California. You need either a state ID or a state medical marijuana card.

A medical marijuana card gives you greater access and purchase quantities than a state ID. It’s also required to purchase cannabis if you’re under the age of 21. You may also get a tax exemption if you have a medical marijuana card. If you can qualify for one, get one!

Does insurance cover medical marijuana in California

Insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana purchases in California. The reason for this is federal marijuana laws. Unfortunately, it is still illegal on the federal level. Insurance companies would face major liability if they covered medical marijuana thanks to these laws. We look forward to the day when these laws are overturned.

How much am I allowed to buy and own?

This depends on if you have a medical marijuana card or not. You’re allowed to own:

Recreational users: 1 ounce of dried marijuana (flower), 8 ounces of concentrate

Medical marijuana users: 8 ounces of dried marijuana, 8 ounces of concentrate

Also, there are THC limits on products. Recreational users can only purchase concentrates that have a maximum of 1,000 mg per package of THC. Medical users can go up to 2,000 mg.

I’ve never been to a dispensary before, how does it work?

It’s a little like a cross between going to a bar and a pharmacy. First, you’ll be asked to show your ID or medical marijuana card to prove you’re legal to buy. Once that is done, you’ll wait for your name to be called.

Once called, you’re free to talk with our team as much as you like about our products and your needs. Payment has to be in cash due to credit card laws.

Can someone else buy for me with my medical card or ID if I’m not able to come?

Not for recreational uses. Those who want to pick up prescription cannabis should register as your primary caregiver under California law. They will receive a card that identifies them. A doctor’s note and a prescription may also work, but it’s risky. It’s better to register.

A primary caregiver card will allow them to bypass the purchase limits and avoid trouble if they are caught by the police with excess marijuana.

Are you a licensed shop?

All legal dispensaries in California are licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. We have been registered by them. You can confirm our registration by going to this link and putting in our street address.

Buying from an unlicensed shop could put you at risk if the shop is shut down and their records are seized. There are over 10,000 registered shops in California. Stay away from the black market!

Do you have delivery options?

Happy Leaf Collective does offer delivery options through Eaze if you cannot or do not wish to register a primary caregiver. This is a delivery app similar to the ones uses for restaurants, only it will be our employees who will make the delivery.

Please go to Eaze’s website for more information. We may not be able to offer all products through that platform.

I am a beginner, is there anyone that can consult & help me with my purchase?

Marijuana use was stigmatized for decades. Most people are beginners! Every member of our staff is qualified to give you cannabis education and help you make your first purchase a safe one. We’ll tell you what to expect and how to use your purchase so you can get the effect you want. Happy customers are repeat customers!

What products do you sell?

We sell both medicinal and recreational marijuana products at Happy Leaf Collective, including:

  • Vaping pods (specializing in Bloom One brands)
  • Fresh cannabis (“flower”)
  • Cannabis tinctures (including CBD oil)
  • Cannabis lotions and soaps
  • Edibles (gummy candies, drinks, etc.)
  • And more.

If you’re unfamiliar with these, we’ll be glad to teach you the differences!

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